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How the Ear Hears. Nerve Mechanics. DNA Transcription. DNA/RNA Translation. DNA Replication. HIV Life Cycle.

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Science presents 11 papers describing an early hominid species, Ardipithecus ramidus, and its environment. These 4.4 million year old hominid fossils sit within a critical early part of human evolution, and cast new and sometimes surprising light on the evolution of human limbs and locomotion, the habitats occupied by early hominids, and the nature of our last common ancestor with chimps.



Current Bioinformatics Jobs in Boston for Bachelors Degree

Sample Job Listing in Bioinformatics

  MS/BS in Computational Sciences or related discipline.
Bioinformatics: at least 2 years experience using common bioinformatics applications, e.g. sequence similarity, multiple sequence alignment.
Biological training a plus.
Software Development: Java, at least 2 years experience developing scientific applications.
Perl: at least 2 years experience in scientific application development. Experience with BioMart.
Python: at least 2 years experience of scientific software development.
System Administration: experience administering Linux workstations and clusters. Software    installation, account administration, hardware configuration. Red Hat and Platform LSF/Sun Grid Engine. Shell scripting.
Biology: knowledge of genes, proteins, antibodies, protein structure.
Experience in creating and managing relational data stores (Oracle).
Experience with Sharepoint.
Experience with creating and managing web service architecture.
Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.
Proven ability to operate in an independent manner.
Knowledge of pharmaceutical industry and computational sciences.
 Bioinformatics Developer

2010 Bioinfoirnatics Presentation (Professor Rilett): Technology in Century 21

Presentation: Bioinformatics in the computer science curriculum, ccscne 2011

Presentation: Bioinformatics Minor Presentation at Polytech Summit, Wentworth June 5, 2013

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